Thursday, August 28, 2014

Meghan || Senior 2015 || MN Portrait and Lifestyle Photographer

Well, about a month ago I got a text asking if I wanted to do a senior shoot on the 18th. When I read through the text I couldn't believe what I had just read. I responded as fast as I could telling the "Yes, I would LOVE to". It was an  amazing opportunity to shoot Meghan senior photos. I was so excited and a little nervous for the shoot because she is my first senior I have ever shot! Crazy right? But you have to start somewhere. We laughed so much during the shoot and it never ended. We picked alot of locations as you can see through the photos. After that I went to work planning out the shoot looking for locations, getting tips from other amazing photographers and also texting Meghan about what I had planned. It was such an amazing tow hours shoot with her. We laughed so much while we were shoot. She was a little nervous at the beginning but after about 5 photos she was having a great time and comfortable!:) We went to about four locations with alot of outfit changes and also took some shots at a lake. We took a break for launch in the middle of the shoot at Culvers with a touch of ice cream at the end!:) Yummmy!! It was all super fun for me and I hope it was amazing for my senior. She was absolutely stunning all the way through the shoot. Her beautiful face lit up my camera with every shot I took! I can't wait for more shoots to come through out my photography career!:) I hope you enjoy the photos from the session.